Best Cleaners is a proud affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners™, a third party organization that searches out the top cleaners across the United States. As an affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners™, Best Cleaners undergoes annual inspections, monthly secret shops, and random spot peer reviews to ensure that our service meets the highest standards in the garment care industry.

America’s Best Cleaners™ is an independent certification organization dedicated to the continued excellence of the dry cleaning profession. To that end, America’s Best Cleaners™ has devised and implements the toughest standards of quality in the industry. To assure dry cleaning clients, designers, retailers, and manufacturers that they will receive the utmost professional care, America’s Best Cleaners’™ affiliates are inspected thoroughly and tested monthly and yearly with on-site inspections. America’s Best Cleaners™ also takes surveys of retailers and clients, secret shopping reports, and customer feedback, to ensure the continued quality of service for all affiliates.


As a member of the AWGS, Best Cleaners is certified to ensure that your gown is cleaned according to established, museum-quality standards and stored in archival quality materials. When you bring us your gown, we will carefully and completely inspect it for damage and stains. Once any repairs have been made, we will remove stains by hand, gently clean your gown, re-inspect it and hand press it. You are welcome to personally inspect your gown before packaging. This would be included upon request only. When you are ready for your gown to be worn again, bring it to any AWGS member worldwide to have it inspected and re-pressed at no charge.